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For a long time I was afraid of water. This strange fluid depriving man of all oxygen could make me hysterical. And since it is never too late for nothing, it is in 2009, in STAPS that I made up for my jitters. Thanks to the EU called "stable environments". Indeed, we had to select a sport in which we were novices and develop our practice over a semester to move from beginner to expert level. My teachers obviously imposed me swimming. What a challenge! After a daily training and an important motivation, I was able to achieve a 400m medley before the exams. Victory and immense personal pride. I had learned to tame my worst enemy. The click took place here, the water became my element!

Subsequently, I was lucky enough to travel a lot. Each of my travels fluctuated with the pretext of exploring the seabed. Between dives and snorkeling, my expeditions were well filled. I really like relaxing in the water. Contemplate life underwater and listen to the rippling water. It is also while paddling in the Philippines in August 2012, that the desire to become Aquatic Photographer has taken all its meaning. Since then, I trained in apnea, equipped for underwater photography and developed my own aquatic photography techniques.


2018 was a year rich in success and consecration. I am appointed French Ambassador of the brand Ikelite , a famous manufacturer of waterproof solutions for the picture. One of my underwater achievements is a finalist of the prestigious PINK RIBBON AUWARD contest. I'm sworn to the 1st contest organized by My Baby Bonheur for the category Photo water . My first exhibition is born. She illustrates my work on Fibromyalgia . And best of all, I'm giving water photo training to professional photographers: Fluidity .


Between dream and reality, I carefully build each of my frame. I place the Human in center of each one. Sharing is the heart of my creative process. I take time to be interested in each of my models because their story are the starting point of my work. And nothing is left to chance. From my imagination, the aquatic atmosphere is defined as well by colors and lights as by stylism and motion. The refined details and the voluptuous textiles, the harmony of the bodies and the materials multiply the emotion felt at the discovery of my photographs. My approach is fully poetic and artistic . I reinvent a universe by the osmosis of an objective earth and that of a subjective marine world.


To tell you a little more about me, I live in Ardèche and Paris. When I'm not shooting underwater, it's the wedding photo documentary who occupies me. I belong to people who believe in Love and Luck, crunching life to the fullest. My main inspirations are my story and my encounters. My moods tend to lead me to nature. I search for beautiful lights, different colors and unknown noises. It's hard to share in just a few words, how much I like to explore the surroundings, jump on a plane and get lost somewhere on the planet or underwater . The best thing would be to let you discover my blog devoted to my travels: www.madeinbounce.com . After my first world tour on 2013/2014, and many other expeditions since, I now count 52 countries explored.

You will understand, I live picture and document my daily life. For a summary, go to my instagram staff: I'm eating, #instafood , I meeting, #meetfriends , I'm traveling, & nbsp; #travelstory , I'm listening to music, & nbsp; #thesoundyouneed , I'm having fun , & nbsp; #partyeveryday , I sleep, & nbsp; #Zzzz. Nice to meet you, I'm Gypsea & amp; Funky and my friends call me Ali.

Je suis Alison Bounce 


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